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What Is an “Uncontested Divorce”?

When people think of divorce, they may not realize that there are actually two different types of divorce that can be filed for, and also a number of different ways those divorces can ultimately be finalized. To learn more about the¬†two possible types of divorce, no-fault divorce and fault-based divorce, please view our page on… Continue Reading

The Different Types of Alimony in New Jersey

During many Union County divorces, one of the key issues that will need to be decided is that of alimony and spousal support. Alimony is awarded in a wide variety of scenarios to spouses who traditionally have relied on the other spouse for financial support. Different from child support, there are no strict guidelines for… Continue Reading

Will I Lose my Home in the Divorce?

Many of our Union County divorce clients come to us concerned over losing their home in the divorce settlement agreement. Understandably, individuals who owned a home or property prior to their marriage wish to retain possession of those properties after their divorce. However, there is no easy or definitive answer to the question “Will I… Continue Reading

Annulments in New Jersey

Many people are familiar with the New Jersey divorce process, and some of the issues which frequently cause dispute such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and division of assets. But many of our Union County divorce clients are still unclear as to what exactly an annulment is, and how it differs from a… Continue Reading

Co-Parenting with a Difficult Ex

New Jersey child custody courts are leaning more and more towards a co-parenting child custody arrangement whenever possible. Current laws and cultural understanding says that children of divorced parents should have as much time as possible with both parents after the divorce, and courts will rule with this in mind. Unless your spouse poses a… Continue Reading

What Can a Divorce Attorney Do for Me?

There is a growing community of “do-it-yourselfers” on the internet, people who go on sites like youtube, watch a video about “how to install a new bathroom”, then turn around and do it. As impressive as it is, when it comes to divorce law, you probably still want to consider hiring an experienced Union County… Continue Reading

Cell Phone Data and Divorce Settlements

In today’s modern society, we use our cell phones to help us in all aspects of our lives. From communication with our friends, family, and colleagues, to getting a ride from the airport, to paying our bills. Our cell phones can help us do all sorts of things, and even conveniently save lots of information… Continue Reading

Divorce Advice for Women: What Not to Listen to

Divorce is an emotionally draining process. Stressing over issues such as child custody, child support, property division, and alimony is normal, and many people turn to friends and family for advice. While your friends and family members may have gone through a divorce and can provide you emotional support, they may also give you advice… Continue Reading

The Advantages of Being the First to File for Divorce

Often towards the end of a marriage, both spouses will have the sense that the relationship may be untenable, but they are hesitant to be the first one to speak with a divorce attorney about their options. One very commonly asked question of Union County divorce lawyers is whether or not being the first to… Continue Reading

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