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Social Media and Divorce

For most of human history, we regular folk did not have to worry about our words being public domain. Now that social media outlets like Facebook have an average of over two (2) billion active users each month, every post, tweet, and snap are publicly broadcast for the world, our ex spouses, and their attorneys to… Continue Reading

What if I Can’t Pay my Child Support?

Child support arrangements are generally made at the time of a divorce or when unmarried parents are establishing a financial agreement. The terms therein are calculated based on state regulations which take several factors into account, including the financial situation of both parents, child custody and/or parenting time, income, and more. If you are responsible for paying… Continue Reading

Taxes During and After Divorce

The financial implications of divorce are many. While you are in the midst or in the immediate aftermath of divorce proceedings, you may have questions about what impacts your divorce may have on filing for your federal, state, and local taxes. Today, Union County divorce and family law attorney Edward Cooper will be addressing some of the concerns his clients commonly… Continue Reading

Talking to Children About Divorce

Regardless of whether it is a positive choice for the family, divorce can be hard. When children are in the picture, an already difficult situation can take on an added layer of complexity. Even young children are intelligent and sensitive to emotional cues from their parents. When telling a child about divorce, there are a… Continue Reading

Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce is a difficult time under the best of circumstances. The sudden change, feelings of loss, and uncertainty moving forward can all be incredibly difficult on both spouses and their families. While an experienced attorney cannot make all of these problems go away, a capable attorney will be able to handle the ins… Continue Reading

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Child Custody Hearings

Child Custody is amongst the most important if not the most important considerations for many unmarried parents or parents going through a divorce. When domestic violence is a factor as well, the stakes are raised even higher. For our clients, the best interests of the children always takes priority number one. Child custody judgements will certainly weigh a… Continue Reading

What Are Open Duration Alimony and Permanent Alimony?

“Permanent Alimony” is a misnomer. Alimony agreements and terms may be modified or even terminated under the proper circumstances and are far from permanent. To clarify this potentially confusing terminology, “permanent alimony” was renamed “open duration alimony” in the state of New Jersey as of 2014. Open duration alimony statutes were also changed in 2014, resulting in a situation… Continue Reading

Gov. Elect Promises 2018 Priority on Marijuana Legalization

In a recent television interview by News12 New Jersey, Governor Elect Phil Murphy made it clear that the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey would be a legislative priority in 2018. He went on to state that he intended to sign into law many of the marijuana legalization proposals already being discussed in the State… Continue Reading

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