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Man Arrested has $44k in Unpaid Tolls and Traffic Violations

Last Friday, July 21st, Newark resident Antonio L. Laracuente, 37, was caught passing through an EZPass toll on the George Washington Bridge without paying. Port Authority spokesman Joseph Pentangelo said than an officer spotted him driving though a lower-level toll at 7:45 a.m. in his 2012 Honda Acord when the EZPass signboard read “toll unpaid”.… Continue Reading

New Testimony in Linden Officer’s Fatal DUI Crash Case

On March 20, 2015, former Linden police officer Pedro Abad left a strip club, reportedly drunk, in the early hours of the morning, and proceeded to drive the wrong way down the West Shore Expressway, subsequently crashing into a truck, killing two passengers, and critically injuring a third. The deceased passengers include fellow Linden police… Continue Reading

High School Basketball Star Meets Tragic End

Keywon Savage is a local Union County legend.  Not only did this 6 foot 3 inch Newark New Jersey born-man have some truly epic high-school basketball performances, he was also an extremely talented student.  Teachers, coaches, friends, and acquaintances all expected Savage to achieve great things.  Sadly, a string of poor decisions and unfortunate circumstances… Continue Reading

US Surgeon General Warns Doctors in New Jersey, Rest of Country about Dangers of Prescription Drugs

The US surgeon general recently issued a call to doctors in New Jersey, New York, and everywhere else in the United States to help curb the rise in prescription drug abuse and addiction. Dr. Vivek Murthy sent a letter addressed to every single doctor in the country and highlighted that prescription drug overdose deaths are… Continue Reading

Plainfield Residents Arrested on Drugs and Weapons Charges

Multiple Plainfield residents were arrested this weekend on drug and weapons charges after the completion of two on going investigations. Authorities announced that Plainfeild resident Donte Thompson was the subject of an ongoing investigation that ultimately resulted in the raiding of his Clinton Avenue residency on Saturday. During the weekend raid, police confiscated the following… Continue Reading

Uniform Crime Reports Shows That Violent Crime Remains a Problem in New Jersey

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office recently released the annual Uniform Crime Report (UCR), which compiles crime data from across the state. The data, which comes from local police departments and the NJ State Police, is used to determine how effective law enforcement has been at protecting the public against criminal activity. This year’s UCR… Continue Reading

Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance vs. Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle in New Jersey

Frequently in New Jersey, routine traffic stops turn into serious drug charges for drivers who are simply going about their regular lives. Perhaps the officer says you were speeding, made an illegal turn, failed to signal, or committed another traffic infraction, but their suspicion provokes further investigation. If you consent to a search of your… Continue Reading

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