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What is included in NJ child support?

What is included in NJ child support?Family Law, Divorce, and Child Support Lawyer Edward S. Cooper handles cases across Union County, with an office conveniently located in Linden, NJ

Child Support in the New Jersey area is a topic associated with Child Custody and Post-Divorce Proceedings that keeps surfacing and can be sometimes misunderstood. When this is broken down even further into what is included, more confusion may arise. However, aspects like which party has monetary legal obligations to how it is measured are all factors that do not have to be as complicated as one might think. New Jersey has a method to regulate the amount of child support to be paid. This is called the Income Shares Model,  and the results of which determine the percentage of costs that each party should pay.

As the model is administrated by a complex set of calculations and relative estimations that are used to determine the amount to be paid by each parent, it is critical to consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Attorney Edward S. Cooper has guided countless clients through child support proceedings in his nearly 25 years of practice as a New Jersey family law attorney. His experience with a vast array of child custody and support issues allows him to provide the best possible representation to his clients as they seek to ensure that their children have the lives they deserve. To discuss your unique needs and situation with Mr. Cooper, contact him at 908-481-4625. Initial consultations are always provided free of charge.

Direct costs of Union County NJ Child Support

The Income Shares Model of Child Support using a somewhat complicated formula of cost to calculate payments. Such costs include and are not limited to; Housing, Food, Transportation, Associated healthcare costs, Entertainment and Miscellaneous items.

  • Housing – Mortgage payments or home equity loans, property levies, insurance, refinancing arrears, maintenance, lease and parking fees, additional lodging, utilities, public and domestic services, laundry, moving costs, furniture and appliances, household equipment and furnishings. It is important to note that the net purchase value of a home is not included as expenses in this category.
  • Food – All food and non-alcoholic beverages purchased for home consumption or away from home (e.g. school meals and catered events). Again it is important to take note that Non-food items (e.g. sundries, alcohol, tobacco) are not included.
  • Clothing – All children’s clothing (including school uniforms), footwear (except sports footwear), diapers, repairs, storage, laundry and jewellery.

Indirect costs of Linden NJ Child Support

  • Transportation – All costs associated with owning or leasing an automobile, finance arrears (interest), lease payments, fuel and motor oil, insurance, maintenance and repairs. In addition, other costs related to transportation are also included. Such as public transit, parking fees, license and registration fees, towing, tolls, and automobile service club. However, The net expenditure (purchase price minus the trade-in value) for a vehicle purchase is not included and also does not include expenses associated with a motor vehicle purchased or leased for the intended primary use of a child subject to the support order.
  • Unreimbursed Health Care Up to and Including $250 Per Child Per Year – Unreimbursed health-care expenditures (e.g., medical and dental) up to and including $250 per child per year are included in the schedules. Such expenses are considered ordinary and may include items such as non-prescription drugs, co-payments or health care services, equipment or products. The parent’s cost of adding a child to health insurance policy is not included in the schedules.
  • Entertainment – Fees, memberships and admissions to sports, recreational, or social events, lessons or instructions, movie rentals, televisions, mobile devices, sound equipment, pets, hobbies, toys, playground equipment, photographic equipment, film processing, video games, and recreational, exercise or sports equipment.
  • Miscellaneous Items – Personal care products and services (e.g., hair, shaving, cosmetics), books and magazines, school supplies, cash contributions, personal insurance, and finance charges (except those for mortgage and vehicle purchases).

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